Structurflex Shoreline Protection Boom

A shore-water interface providing an effective pollution seal, regardless of tidal movements.

The Structurflex Shoreline Protection Boom is used to seal the seashore interface of tidal areas. The top tube is air inflated whilst the lower tubes are water ballasted to provide stability for the floating section and, by virtue of the weight of ballast, seal the foreshore when aground. Flaps have been built into the top of the air chamber to deflect water in choppy conditions.

Features: This boom is particularly suitable for tidal situations – Twin water ballast tubes mould efficiently to all types of shoreline to provide a pollution barrier when grounded and also provide excellent stability while floating – Floatation is from an air chamber at the top of the oil boom – The boom rests on the sea bed/shoreline at low tide and floats with the high tide – High frequency welding is used throughout the construction of this boom with particular emphasis on the weld strength and equally the fabric strength – Flaps have been built into the top of the air chamber to help deflect choppy conditions – A fully welded skirt around the base of the boom provides an additional chafe guard against rocky shorelines and helps prevent damage during tidal movements – Double hand grips are welded to the boom at regular intervals to simplify handling –  These hand grips have a large surface area of weld which prevents point loading of the air chambers and adds strength to the grips – 76mm non-return air and water valves with captive caps are installed at both ends of the boom for filling and discharge – Pressure relief valves are installed to prevent over pressurisation and speed water discharge during retrieval – For fast deployment an extruded alloy connector has been bolted to each end of the boom, which has been designed to mate with most recognised international systems – Connection to other booms is made quick and easy with a self locking stainless steel pin enabling greater speed and safety when deploying – The locking pins are captive wired to the connectors to prevent loss during handling; Anchor bridles can be supplied which attach to the boom at the connectors.

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