Structurflex 750mm Harbour Fence Boom

Designed for inner harbour conditions such as marina protection or sealing off a sunken vessel.

The Structurflex Harbour Boom is designed with solid foam floatation, strong light weight construction, compact dimensions for ease of storage and simplicity of deployment from either aluminium racks or reels.

Features: Semi-rigid permanent buoyancy is arranged so that it can be dispensed from a rotary drum – Speed of deployment from shore, jetty, barge or vessel – All seams, hems, pockets, reinforcing and joints are welded to avoid sewing perforation. This prevents wicking of moisture through stitching holes or tearing “along the dotted line” problems – A PVC coated 2,000kg polyester web is welded the full length of the top edge of the boom from connector to connector – A proof coil galvanised steel chain inserted in a pocket in the base provides ballast and structural integrity.

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