Ship to Ship Transfer Boom

The Vikoma Ship to Ship Transfer Boom is the latest in our highly effective boom range, particularly focusing on oil spilt during oil or fuel transfer operations.

The boom is vulcanised using reinforced, double faced neoprene fabric which guarantees the boom’s seam integrity and a high abrasion, chemical and environmental damage resistance. The ship to ship transfer boom should be used in pairs to ensure maximum containment of oil. A paired formation will allow one to be positioned adjacent to the ships forward fender and one to be positioned adjacent to the ships aft fender.

Available in two sizes, the ship to ship transfer boom resembles an ‘H’ shape to seal against ship hulls or hull to dockside. It is fitted with heavy duty wear pads, designed to give a high abrasion resistance and long service life.

The boom consists of high capacity, inflation fitting located in the forward buoyancy chamber. Air pressure within each chamber is automatically maintained at 0.2bar using pressure relief valves. High pressure compressed air is converted into high volume air flow to inflate the boom via a unique venturi mechanism. Air inflation and deflation is controlled using the hand operated control valves on the control panel.

Minimal handling is required for deployment, with no required personnel needed at water level. Fitted with a lifting strop and supplied with forward and aft guidelines, allows deployment from the vessel deck or at dock level and easy inflation using the ship’s compressed air system once the boom is in position. The boom’s design allows it to work effectively in conjunction with standard Yokohama Fenders.

Complete with a galvanised, long link ballast chain in a reinforced skirt pocket provides the boom with high tensile strength and good underwater profile, ensuring maximum oil retention.

Product Benefits:

• Ideal for bunkering operations
• Ideal for lightening operations
• High abrasion resistance
• High tensile strength

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