Sentinel Booms

Sentinel booms are rapid deployment neoprene and polyurethane booms for isolation and retention of oil spills in calm water, inland water, protected and open waters. Sentinel booms are designed to meet the rigorous demands of an oil spill environment.

Product Description

The Sentinel boom is a simple, high performance and versatile range of curtain booms. It is the accepted alternative for customers who do not require the high integrity of a bulkhead design. The boom is designed as a single tube of 25 metre section length (other lengths are available) for use in rivers, terminals and even the demands of the offshore environment. It is available in a range of sizes dependent on the customer’s requirements.

Materials – The Sentinel boom is available in polyurethane and neoprene. The latter is increasingly the material of choice due to its abrasion resistance, high integrity, low life cycle costs and wide operational temperature range (-40oC to +90oC). All materials are very easy to clean, maintain and repair.

Key features and benefits:

  • A comprehensive range of materials and sizes are available to meet all needs
  • Quick and easy deployment – The high buoyancy to weight ratio gives excellent wave following capability and heave response
  • The large water plane area of the buoyancy chamber enables the boom to maintain a maximum freeboard at all times
  • The smooth, continuous boom profile inhibits the formation of vortices, thereby discouraging oil loss under the boom
  • The boom’s continuous cylindrical shape, coupled with low air inflation pressure enhances flexibility and produces a very responsive containment system
  • The interface between the boom material and marine grade aluminium connector plate is achieved without puncturing the material, thus ensuring boom integrity
  • The Sentinel boom is available in many different models to suit your different applications.

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