Vikoma Sorbent Wringer

The Vikoma Sorbent Wringer System is designed to extend the operating life of sorbent booms by extracting recovered oil trapped within the material. The system is supplied as a one piece transportable pallet. The system can also be easily moved in three separate units enabling ease of transport over rough terrain. An external power supply from a diesel hydraulic powerpack is required to run the unit.

The complete pallet mounted system is placed at the operating site. The ground sheet is rolled out and pegged where required, to assist in the free running of sorbent boom to the wringer system. With power supplied, the wringer can pull booms to the collection drum. Tension on the rollers can be altered according to the type of oil being recovered. Speed of boom put through the wringer can be adjusted via the hydraulic controls. Once the sorbent booms have been put through the system they can be returned to the water for further use. Mounted on the collection drum is a hand-operated transfer pump, easily removable for maintenance. Discharge pipework and connectors are provided for connecting to the hose system (Hydraulic hoses for connection to a powerpack are not supplied). The oil discharge pump speed is controlled via speed control on the power pack.