Isolation System

The Alaska Structures Negative Pressure Isolation System includes 3 components: a Filtration System that maintains negative pressure within the shelter, an Alarm System that monitors pressure and signals a loss of pressure, and a shelter partition for creating an Anteroom entrance to the isolation area.


The NPI system controls three elements of indoor air quality: particles, biological and gas phase volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It includes a high efficiency germicidal pre-filter, sterile sweep ultraviolet light (UVC) and a final HEPA filter – Power supply, 220 volt, 50 Hz -Includes a manual on/off switch with air proving switch to shut down the filter when no airflow is present – When functioning in combination with the Alaska Environmental Control Unit (ECU) it provides a minimum of 20 air exchanges per hour – Cleans 2200 CFM of return air with a non-ionising, polarised media electronic air cleaner coupled with a UVC emitter – HEPA filter efficiency is 99.97% for particles 0.3 microns and greater – Includes differential pressure gauge to monitor filter status – Provides a negative static pressure in inches of water gauge (SPWG) in the range of (.01-.04 in. SPWG) within a 20 ft x 32.5 ft shelter – Alarm system incorporates an ultra sensitive pressure transducer to measure pressures ranging from .01-.04 in. SPWG – The alarm system provides visual alarm and audible alarm along with a digital indication of pressure and alarm status – System may be re-configured for providing positive pressure clean environment within the shelter, without requiring any additional items.

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NPI System