AKS Mobile Morgue System

The Alaska Structures Mobile Morgue System employs the MERCSystem liquid cooling technology to provide a complete solution for a mass fatality response, and enables rapid conversion of existing Alaska Structures facilities into a morgue facility.

Product Description

The cooling system includes a single enclosed refrigeration unit and multiple cooling bags. Each refrigeration unit includes an alarm for monitoring system function and is constructed within a stainless steel enclosure. The system is fitted with quick-connect fittings and manifolds for connection to as many as 48 cooling bags. The system is portable and is capable of using power provided by a diesel generator.

The bag system consists of a heavy-duty reusable vinyl cooling bag with removable cooling pads, envelope style zipper, and disposable interior vinyl liner bags. Activated carbon filters are also included for odour control. The Mobile Morgue System electrical system and racks integrate with an Alaska Medical Shelter System. Each rack accommodates 4 individual trays for remains. A single Alaska Medical Shelter (20 ft x 32.5 ft) can provide enough floor space for a total system capability of up to 12 racks and 48 sets of remains.

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