Carefusion LTV 1200 Ventilator

Simple to use, ventilation in a small lightweight package, that’s the LTV 1200 ventilator.

Set up initial ventilation quickly on the LTV 1200 ventilator with pre-sets for Infant, Paediatric or Adult patients using either invasive or non-invasive modes. Refine the settings easily using the touch-turn-touch interface with the LED illuminated front panel.

For patients 5 kg and above, the LTV 1200 ventilator provides a wide range of ventilation therapies to meet demanding patient needs, including Volume Control, Pressure Control, Pressure Support and breath types including Spontaneous. The ultra-sensitive flow trigger combined with the Spontaneous Breathing Trial function makes weaning easier and more efficient for both the patient and clinician.

The LTV 1200 ventilator gives you the freedom of conveniently portable ICU ventilation.

The ventilation tools you need, throughout the continuum of care, for patients 5 kg and above.

At a fraction of the size of comparably equipped systems, the LTV® 1200 ventilator provides the ventilation tools you need, where you need them—critical care, emergency departments and emergency preparedness, patient transport and long term care. The LTV series ventilator is an essential part of an emergency preparedness plan and can help provide a ventilation response to mass casualty incidents, from influenza outbreaks to biological warfare attacks to natural disasters.

Compact, deployable design

The small, lightweight LTV provides sophisticated critical care ventilation in austere environments. The LTV supports both invasive and non-invasive applications. It combines portability, impact resistant construction, easy-to-read displays and comprehensive monitoring. The LTV weighs only 14.5 lbs and is a pick-up-and-go solution that can travel with patients from field care to transport to the intensive care unit (ICU). It can take advantage of any 12 volt power source from cigarette lighter sockets to outlets and its internal battery allows it to be transferred from one power source to the next without interruption. Intuitive controls allow first responders to deploy the system with minimal retraining.

Patient pre-sets for quick initiation of ventilation

Choose infant, paediatric or adult to quickly configure initial ventilation before optimizing settings for each patient’s needs. This feature is proven to be simple and effective for emergency set-up.

Repurpose ease

While the LTV can be stockpiled for use in emergencies, many customers use the LTV in hospital settings. More versatile than transport ventilators and significantly smaller than ICU systems, the LTV has intuitive controls and comprehensive monitoring capabilities that can play an essential role in day-to-day healthcare delivery and mass-casualty medical care.

Oxygen resource management tool

The O2 Conserve feature reduces oxygen consumption when the time and place of care require it. This feature extends the sometimes scarce resource of oxygen during transport or emergencies, and may be turned off when oxygen resources are again in full supply.