Ambu Blue Sensor Electrodes

Ambu products are developed and manufactured to meet relevant internationally recognised quality standards.
The entire organisation is committed to supply products that match the high expectations of users and patients, and which conform fully with the requirements defined by standards and regulations.

The Ambu Quality System operates under continuing assessment by notified bodies for maintaining ISO 13485 Quality System certification, and is subject to regular inspections by regulatory authorities for conformity to worldwide medical device regulations.

Ambu’s commitment to quality includes a continuous effort to improve products and processes to stay ahead of the ever-increasing demands feedback from our customers.

Main Benefits of Ambu Blue Sensor Electrodes

  • Resting or 12-lead ECG is performed as a routine in many hospital departments, eg: Accident / Emergency and Cardiac Care Units. This is the most common type of test and is used to register a diagnostic ECG to help detect conditions such as blocks, hypertrophy, or post myocardial infarction morphologies.
  • Excellent trace quality
  • The Blue Sensor design with offset connector and wet gel ensures clear recordings for a precise diagnosis.
  • Outstanding adhesion
  • Blue Sensor electrodes have an excellent adhesive keeping them securely in place throughout the procedure, even for repetitive tests.
  • Direct connection to different cable types
  • Blue Sensor electrodes have various connectors that fit directly to all available ECG cables.
  • Saving time and resources
  • The electrodes can be accurately positioned fast and easily, reducing the need for skin preparation, hence saving time and money.