Retail Fuel Solutions

OPEC Systems is a proudly Australian company providing
a broad range of equipment and services for the
Australian Retail Fuel market. With a strong commitment
to customer satisfaction and robust technical outcomes we
are able to meet all your site’s fuel systems operational
and management needs.
OPEC Systems has a seasoned crew of fuel specialists
and engineers with extensive experience in all aspects of
Retail Fuel and Service Station systems construction and
With offices throughout Australia we are well situated
to offer a complete service to your organisation that will
ensure that your fuel supply system is always in optimal

OPEC Systems Retail Fuel System

• Compliance assessment and auditing
• Design and drafting
• Installation, commissioning, training and handover
• Scheduled maintenance programs
• Compliant tank and pipe equipment integrity testing (EIT)
• Hazardous area electrical installations
• Fuel system decommissioning

• Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS)
• Fuel Management Systems
• Leak Detection Systems
• Fuel Pumps (Dispensers/Bowsers)
• Separators (Interceptors)
• Outdoor Payment Terminals

We support large oil companies and independent fuel
station owners to build and operate efficient, leak-resistant
fuelling facilities.


OPEC Systems is an experienced installer of Diesel
Exhaust Fluid systems (AdBlue, or equivalent DEF) at
fuel delivery sites. Experienced in a range of dedicated
delivery system designs, OPEC installs and maintains
AdBlue systems to strict ISO quality standards.

Why Choose OPEC Systems?

We can assist you by providing:
• Advanced fuel system engineering
delivering a high quality tailored fuel supply solution to
meet your specific needs.
• Effective project management
from start to finish
for improved efficiency, lower costs and consistent
delivery thus giving you greater confidence and
satisfaction. We can help return your fuel system to full
operational capability with minimal loss of time and
inconvenience to you and your customers.
• Experience-based construction processes
providing a quality approach that ensures compliance
and longevity to your fuel system whilst guaranteeing
cost-effective outcomes.

  • Compliance and risk management services
    understanding the unique environmental and regulatory
    requirements and risks within the retail fuel industry;
    assisting with your site’s environmental management
    procedures; ensuring integrity of your bulk tanks and
    pipework; developing your operations and maintenance
    manuals, thus avoiding costly errors or fines.
    • Strong investment in people and processes
    ensuring ongoing, cost-effective and predictable results
    for our clients.
    • Close working relationships with you
    to understand the unique requirements of your business,
    and creating a customised, integrated industrial solution
    to suit your needs.