Fuel System Testing

Tank Integrity Testing

Fuel tanks need to be tested regularly to confirm their integrity and to demonstrate due diligence in avoiding soil and groundwater contamination. OPEC Systems uses the EZY 3 Locator Plus system.


  • Combines an acoustic signature assessment with highly accurate isobaric measurement
  • Unaffected by variables such as temperature changes, tank dimensional changes, end deflection, or trapped vapour pockets (unlike alternative volumetric and mass measurement technology)
  • Can detect air intrusion in the liquid; air intrusion in the ullage; water and/or product trickling into the tank
  • Tanks can be tested at virtually any liquid level
  • A single test determines the integrity of an entire tank system
  • Manifolded tanks are tested together, but if a problem exists, the tank that has the problem can be identified
  • No limitation on total capacity of manifolded tanks, however, tanks cannot exceed 100,000 litres each
  • Portability of the EZY 3 Plus system allows testing of tanks even in confined spaces
  • Technology can also be used to test the integrity of pipe systems or any vessel that is required to be ‘tight’
  • Testing can generally be completed on site in less than half a day
  • Certificates of Integrity are generated after the test
  • OPEC’s Fuel & Tank Technicians are accredited to the WPCG certification

Pipework Integrity Testing

A frequent cause of tank failure is the deterioration and failure of the supply and return lines running to and from the bulk UPSS. OPEC Systems offers a rapid and accurate technique for vacuum testing lines to determine line integrity.


  • The EZY 3 Locator Plus system offers a highly accurate negative pressure test
  • Allows the user to accurately determine the size and approximate location of failed pipework
  • Reduces excavation requirements, and associated time and cost

Fuel Testing

OPEC offers a comprehensive service of fuel testing to ensure your fuel is maintained in optimal condition.

Our services include

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