Fuel System Repair and Maintenance

Our strategically based offices nationwide enable fast response times to clients’ planned and reactive maintenance requirements’ Shannon Blades, Energy Operations Manager

OPEC’s Energy division specialises in Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS), Above Ground Petroleum Storage Systems (APSS), and the fuel within. We offer a complete maintenance and repair service to ensure that the fuel and fuel storage/supply systems are in peak condition. Quality and system integrity are managed from the point of fuel delivery to the point of use.

Programmed Maintenance

A well maintained system has the following advantages:

  • Maintains design efficiency of the system to enable performance targets to be achieved
  • Reduces OPEC expenditure related to breakdowns
  • Prolongs the asset’s design life
  • Avoids reputational damage and financial loss due to system failure and
  • Provides a safe working environment for employees, wider community and the environment

In the absence of a scheduled maintenance regime, OPEC’s engineering team can assist you to develop a fit for purpose maintenance manual, along with training of your staff to implement a maintenance regime to ensure you meet your regulatory requirements.

Our services include

  • Aboveground and underground fuel storage tank integrity testing
  • Aboveground and underground fuel storage tank repair and maintenance, including tanks, pipework and equipment, plus tank cleaning
  • Above and below ground storage tank removal and/or in-situ fuel storage tank decommissioning
  • Fuel management including chemical treatment of the fuel, fuel transfer and mechanical filtration
  • Fuel analysis to ensure your fuel is within specification and fit for use
  • Fuel tank and site audits and inspections including compliance audits, functional tests and ten yearly inspections

Fuel Solutions

OPEC offers a comprehensive service of fuel testing to ensure your fuel is maintained in optimal condition.

Our services include

  • Fuel Conditioning (filtration)
  • Chemical dosing
  • Fuel transfer
  • Fuel disposal

Reactive Maintenance

Whether it’s tanks, pipes, pumps or any other equipment within the bulk fuel infrastructure environment, OPEC has the qualified staff to attend to any repairs or last minute maintenance tasks that may have been overlooked. OPEC readily provides reactive maintenance services to our clients including emergency callout and breakdown response to assist our clients in getting their fuel system up and running in the shortest possible timeframe. Be it structural, mechanical, electrical or civil repairs, OPEC can work closely with you to create a customised, integrated industrial solution to suit your needs and remove the stress of having to manage multiple contractors.


We focus on providing our customers with safe and efficient outcomes, with minimal impact on the environment.

If you would like to contact us at [email protected] one of our experts would be delighted to assist you in your bulk fuel infrastructure or site remediation needs.

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