Low and Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting (up to 2200 bar)

The removal of marine growth, corrosion and old protective coatings can be a messy, costly and time consuming business without the right processes, equipment and experience. OPEC Subsea has a complete fleet of water jetting equipment ranging from basic pressure cleaners to specialist equipment such as the Caviblaster Low Pressure jetting system. The specialist system uses cavitation of air bubbles directed at marine growth at very low pressures to remove marine growth without removing the protective coating on the structure. This is extremely environmentally friendly and very low risk for the diver operating the jetting system.

When a heavier level of removal is required the WOMA150M Ultra High Pressure Systems is utilised. OPEC Subsea uses this innovative solution to marine coating removal, cold cutting of timber/concrete/steel, removal of corrosion and cleaning of surfaces prior to coating applications. The system can generate water pressures of up to 2200 bar and can be attached to a purpose built pylon cleaning system by our technicians. Once fitted the jets work their way down the pylon removing material as they go.