AKS Collective Decontamination System

The AKS Collective Decontamination – Medium (AKS CD-M) is a High Capacity Shelter for rapid and effective on‐site NBC decontamination of personnel with maximum flexibility for multiple decontamination set‐ups. The rigid, fast erect frame provides superb structural integrity in even the toughest operating environments while the heated water, wastewater, power and lighting sub systems are designed to maximise decontamination capability within a very small packed footprint for ease of transport and handling.


  • Maximum 2 person lift for all items
  • Ambulatory and non-ambulatory decontamination
  • 9 minute cycle time for most decontamination scenarios
  • Sheltered processing area at front and rear of unit
  • Deployable in 20 minutes with a 4 person team
  • Easy modular design allows for in field repairs
  • Non slip flooring
  • Internal liner allows for hot and cold weather deployments
  • Adjustable water temperature (max 50˚C)
  • Wastewater is fully contained in robust storage bladder
  • Power and lighting: 240V, 50Hz
  • 10 year minimum shelf life.