Waste Handling and Processing

OPEC is experienced in the management of diverse forms of prescribed, regulated, hazardous and radioactive waste which may be generated by various industrial and military processes including remediation works.

To manage the risks associated with high risk waste streams, OPEC employs in-house personnel qualified to handle and transport prescribed wastes. This capability reduces the need to outsource waste handling and management responsibilities to 3rd parties and adds valuable rigour and added surety to the chain of custody process.

OPEC has developed proprietary waste management applications with workflows that can be adapted to specific projects’ requirements. Some of the waste streams which OPEC has had responsibility for managing include:

  • chemical warfare agents and toxic remnants of war
  • munitions and unexploded ordnance
  • flammable and combustible liquids
  • radioactive waste
  • asbestos contaminated materials
  • hydrocarbon impacted fluids and sludges
  • hazardous and noxious chemicals
  • scrap metal
  • demolition waste