Contaminated Soil Treatment

The treatment of contaminated soil constitutes one of the most frequent remediation activities being undertaken by industry. Depending on the specifics of the contaminants of concern which have impacted a site, there is a broad array of technologies and solutions that can be applied.  These include:

  •   excavation, transport and  disposal
  •   chemical stabilisation
  •   asbestos in soil
  •   screening and crushing
  •   chemical oxidation
  •   microwave based thermal processors
  •   stockpile management
  •   multi-phase vacuum extraction (MPVE)
  •   thermal desorption
  •   containment and capping systems
  •   soil vapour extraction (SVE)
  •   thermal oxidation
  •   bio-remediation
  •   UXO investigation and removal
  •   ground penetrating radar and geophysical survey

OPEC understands that the often heterogeneous nature of subsurface contamination necessitates an adaptive approach to contaminated soil remediation that often requires the use of one or more of the above technologies. Our experienced staff will work to ensure that optimal solutions are always being considered during all phases of the soil remediation process.