Asbestos Removal

OPEC holds Class A Asbestos Removal and Restricted Demolition licences for Victoria and NSW. These licences give OPEC the ability to conduct asbestos removal works of all scales throughout all states of Australia.  Our trained and qualified asbestos supervisors and technicians have the capacity to manage and undertake all aspects of Class A and Class B asbestos removal.  In particular, OPEC’s experience on sites with complex contamination profiles allows us to manage asbestos risks in conjunction with other overlapping risks such as chemical, biological, explosive and radiological contaminants and sites where the asbestos contamination has migrated into the soil and groundwater of the surrounding environment. OPEC works with recognised industrial hygienists , laboratories and disposal organisations  to provide an optimal solution for asbestos in soil issues. OPEC’s rigorous OH&S system, developed on some of the highest risk Defence and industrial sites in the country, ensures peace of mind for our clients that the job will be done effectively and safely.