Designed to create a negative air pressure environment when connected to the HEPA Air Filtration System, the ISO-POD protects healthcare providers and creates a positive air pressure environment for burn or immune compromised patients. The flow of air provided by the filtration system also helps cool and relax the patient.


  • Constructed from 18 oz. reinforced white FR rated PVC and 16 guage clear vinyl material, heavy duty and puncture resistant
  • 4” wide, gloved access points allows easy, multiple access points to your patient
  • Five flexible arches along the length support the vinyl above patient, allowing voluminous work/patient space
  • Zipper the length of the ISO‐POD
  • Some models include a Restraint Strap System inside to help maintain and secure a patient to the gurney during transportation
  • Clear View Windows
  • 4 CFM (nominal) Blower unit with rechargeable battery and charger
  • Greater than 12 Air Exchanges per hour
  • Some models include Pass Thru ports to allow objects to enter to the ISO‐POD
  • Service ports to allow IV, Oxygen lines to exit the ISO‐POD
  • ISO‐POD can be decontaminated.

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