Fluid Containment System

OPEC has been working with Covertex for over 20 years to design and supply flexible tanks and fluid containment solutions for potable water, fuel and wastewater applications. Many of these systems are still in service with Defence. These unique engineered solutions are available in numerous sizes and configurations for maximum convenience and durability.

Covertex flexible drums are a versatile solution for the storage of waste and potable water. They enable high volume storage with a small footprint, while also providing pressure for easy decanting. From flat, the drums erect as they are filled and a pressure relief valve prevents over-filling. Our flexible drums are stable on slopes of up to 6 degrees. They can be constructed with lifting straps if required.

Covertex transport tanks are used for carrying a wide range of liquids, including foodstuffs, chemicals and hydrocarbons. They allow standard trucks to become tankers and can be customised to suit any vehicle size, providing a volume range from 1,000 to 12,000 litres.