FAST-ACT Pressurised Cylinder

FAST-DECON Agent supplied in pressurised cylinders for decontamination of large volume areas or items including spills, rooms and vapour.

Product Description

Available as 1kg, 2kg and 4kg extinguisher style pressurised containers.

EFFECTIVE against vapour hazards:

• Anhydrous ammonia, choking agent
• Chlorine, choking agent
• Ethylene oxide
• Hydrogen chloride, also considered a blood agent Nitrogen dioxide
• Sulphur dioxide Acidic and Caustic Gases
• Organic Compounds.

EASY to operate portable delivery systems:

• No pre-mixing required
• No special training necessary
• Compact containers for easy storage


• Non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable
• Dry powder formulation
• Blend of earth minerals.

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