Webinar 5 – SAFF®: Rising to the short chain PFAS removal challenge

Q: Do you need a sustainable PFAS remediation technology that can remove PFAS short chain compounds as well as long chains?

Q: Would you like to learn more about successful full scale PFAS remediation projects using the SAFF process?

Now you can.

Enjoy our informative one-hour webinar where you will learn about:

– SAFF’s ability to remove long and short chain PFAS compounds without using GAC or resin
– Latest performance data from SAFF projects including a case study from CDM Smith Senior Engineer Mark Salvetti
– A snapshot of the workings of our manufacturing plant in Australia

At the end, our experts will answer some audience questions


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Enviro: PFAS Concentration King

Did you know that OPEC’s Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF®) technology can concentrate PFAS contaminants up to 3.5 million times? Or that the hyper concentrated PFAS

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CBRNe Protective Clothing

Air Permeability vs Breathability

The terms ‘air permeability’ and ‘breathability’ are often used in CBRN garment descriptions, but what’s not commonly understood is that they relate to different things. Air

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