Name of site:Wirlinga Ammunition Depot
Description:Wirlinga is an active Defence site located in southern NSW. The site has been used as an explosive ordnance storage depot for Defence Explosive Ordnance, Improvised Explosive Device and demolitions training. During WW2 it was used for storage of significant quantities of chemical warfare agent filled munitions.
Client:Department of Defence
Date:Commenced 2021. Ongoing.
Size & Terrain:370 hectares of open, dry grassland with large patches of marsh, crossed by numerous creeks containing protected species of flora and fauna.
Project details:Commencing in March 2023, this project involved the remediation of a 37mm solid shot projectile stockpile, estimated to contain in excess of 105 tonnes of projectiles, and a 2pdr and 6pdr solid shot burial pit, that is estimated to contain around 255 tonnes of projectiles.
Discovery:As of May 2023, the team has remediated approximately 107,000kg of the 37mm solid shot projectile stockpile, and 40,506kg of the 2pdr and 6pdr solid shot projectile burial pit.