OPEC College: Upgrade your qualification to a degree with Southern Cross Uni

Diploma to Degree pathways are now available for OPEC College Alumni at Southern Cross University (SCU).

By applying credit from a Diploma to a particular Degree pathway, OPEC College Alumni can achieve significant cost savings. Alumni also have the advantage of completing their degree sooner, bringing the advantage of better career choices and the potential for promotion a little closer.

How does it work? Students are given credit from prior learning, also known as advanced standing, to articulate into a first or second year of a Tertiary Degree course. Then, with some additional study, people can achieve a higher qualification.

Southern Cross University offers a broad range of courses including Digital Enterprise and IT, Law and Justice, Social Welfare, Business, Tourism and Education, with most faculties offering a multitude of pathway options for graduates of OPEC College.

Credit offerings vary between different courses depending on people’s OPEC College qualification and what they would like to study, with some Diploma to Degree pathways offering a 50 per cent course credit.

For example, an OPEC College graduate with a Diploma of Business could use the pathway to study a Bachelor of Business and Enterprise with Southern Cross University, achieving a guaranteed total of 96 credits toward the qualification, which represents 33 per cent of the course.

Alumni with an Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication could use the pathway to undertake a Bachelor of Business Majoring in Marketing, achieving a credit of 144 points, which represents 50 per cent of the course.

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