SAFFy has landed!

OPEC Systems’ first SAFF40 unit has now arrived safely on Swedish soil where it will spend the next two to four years removing primary PFAS contaminants from the complex leachate waters of the Telge Landfill site in Södertälje, about an hour west of Stockholm.

We extend a huge thanks to the indefatigable Helena Hinrichsen and the brilliant staff at #Envytech who have supported us to take this critical step in bringing a sustainable, low cost and highly effective PFAS remediation solution to the European market.

Regarded as some of the most complex waste waters in the country, the waters at the Telge site have proven, even with extensive pre-treatment, to be effectively untreatable with GAC or AIX resin due to high levels of cross contaminants and algae. However successful treatability bench trials have shown that SAFF® manages to remove extremely high levels of PFAS using only the stripping power of air bubbles.

#SAFF40 can treat up to 40m3/hr of PFAS contaminated water whilst her little sister, #SAFF20 can manage an impressive 20m3/hr. For every 10,000,000 litres treated, SAFF® produces a remarkable 1 litre of PFAS laden hyper-concentrate. With no consumables, very little power and almost no waste, SAFF® is shaping up to be a gamechanger in the race to resolve the global PFAS problem.

Two more SAFF systems, one for Envytech in Europe and another for a client in the US, are currently under construction at OPEC’s manufacturing plant in Sydney and a further seven units are waiting to be built. It’s going to be a busy year!

We’ll keep you posted as the SAFF® unit gets commissioned and more great results start coming in.

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