Removing an Asbestos Roof Safely & Efficiently

The Project

In July 2013, OPEC Systems was contracted to remove and replace a 1500m­2 Asbestos roof at a commercial property in Cook Street, Kurnell, New South Wales.


OPEC developed an Asbestos Control Plan through extensive consultation with the client.  The Asbestos Control Plan identified all typical and unique hazards requiring attention.  Immediately following this, OPEC notified WorkCover and began consulting with neighbouring properties, including Caltex Refinery.  We then established exclusion zones around the site and erected temporary fencing to ensure that only authorised personnel entered the premises.

Dust Control

To assure a safe workplace environment for staff and neighbours, OPEC encapsulated the asbestos cement  sheets and implemented air monitoring around the exclusion zone and the neighbouring premises.  This worked to reduce errant fibre release prior to removal and ensured no fibres escaped the specified zone.

Height Safety and Productivity through Ingenuity

A key concern was overcoming the dangers and difficulties imposed by a 12metre high roof ridge.  OPEC’s expert scaffolders and riggers installed certified safety nets immediately below the AC sheeting, thereby creating a safe working environment.  Perimeter handrails and scaffold stair access were also installed, so negating the need for cumbersome safety harnesses that would have significantly slowed down the work.

These sophisticated safety systems allowed OPEC’s staff to move confidently and safely around the site so leading to a notably quicker and less expensive project outcome.  Opec were finally able to stack and wrap the AC sheets; remove the asbestos using a crane; decontaminate the site and re-roof the building speedily, safely and effectively.


“This was one of the most safety-conscious building sites that I have ever been on”
Stephen Leach, Finance Director, TCN Property Projects Ltd (a UK based property development company with an £85m property portfolio).