Enviro: PFAS removal rates to cheer about

In the PFAS remediation world, results are everything! We are pleased to share the PFAS removal results from the first batch of water being treated on US soil by our SAFF® technology:

✅ PFDA – 100%
✅ PFOS – 100%
✅ 6:2FTS – 100%
✅ PFHxS – 100%
✅ PFNA – 99%
✅ PFOA – 98%

SAFF is effectively removing many of the criteria >C5 PFAS compounds to non-detect using nothing but air bubbles, and it is achieving this in some quite tricky low foaming groundwater.

No GAC or IX resin, no pre-treatment, almost no waste – just air in and concentrated PFAS out.