PFAS news: From Telge Landfill, Sweden

SAFF® is now operational at the Telge Landfill site in Sweden, and effectively treating over 1ML (260,kG) of leachate per week while producing less than 100L (25G) of PFAS hyper-concentrate.

OPEC Systems is now three weeks into our three year trial to treat complex feedwater in freezing conditions using only the surface active power of rising air bubbles.

Results exceed expectations! Using just air bubbles (meaning no GAC, ion exchange resins, or additives), SAFF® is removing:

✅ 100% of PFOS, PFHxS and 6:2-FTS to below LOR of 1.0 ng/l
✅ 98.3% of PFNA leaving 1.3 ng/l in treated leachate
✅ 99.6% of PFOA leaving 1.5 ng/l in treated leachate
✅ 96.8% of PFHpA leaving 3.9 ng/l in treated leachate

We have now tested over 20 types of PFAS
contaminated waters from Europe, the USA, and Australia. Waters include groundwater, industrial process water, drinking water, surface water and contaminated site water.

With a high degree of predictability, SAFF®