OPEC Uncovers Howitzer at RAAF Base WIlliamtown

OPEC’s ordnance crews working at RAAF Williamtown recently uncovered a World War I Howitzer gun introduced to Australia in 1925. The 6 inch CWT Breech Loading Howitzer is a British gun, last manufactured around 1918 and remaining in service until the end of WWII.

The gun was found by Scott Masters, an ordnance professional at OPEC Systems, contracted to clear land around the base in preparation for new facilities to accommodate the incoming Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft.

Scott explains ‘In this plot of ground we had about 600 metal targets to unearth and this was one that was flagged. We started our with the mini-excavator and hit the top but couldn’t move it. We brought in the bigger excavator and lifted the barrel, then the cradle and the trailer underneath that. So far on this block we have found about six tonnes of discarded metal and I would expect to find more yet.’ 

The area of land is located to the left of the Base and measures about 100 square metres.