OPEC Systems urges caution on marinas

Ports, marinas, wharves and docks that store, transfer and dispense flammable liquids, are recognised as environments where an explosive atmosphere may be present. Under AS/NZS 60079.14, owners are required to maintain and display hazardous area classification and hazardous area verification dossiers to communicate these risks to facility users.

All too often, we see that compliance is not well understood within the industry, and that Hazardous Area Dossiers are frequently not available or maintained.

With US evidence citing that an astonishing one in four boat fires start from an off-boat source, such as when moored at a marina, it’s clear that Hazard Area Dossiers have an important role to play in maintaining marine safety

With decades of experience in the industry, OPEC Systems has the trained personnel available to assist owners of marinas to identify and reduce risk, as well as the skilled technical expertise to ensure compliance.

As OPEC Systems also design and install fuel systems, we intrinsically understand the risks present in a marine environment where fuel is present, and we can undertake an audit to communicate any areas of non-compliance and associated risk levels present within their fuel infrastructure.

With a sophisticated team of experts poised for engagement, OPEC Systems is available to assist port and marina owners to meet their legislated responsibility to provide a safe operating environment for users and visitors.

Follow the link to see an article about OPEC’s expertise in this area: http://www.afloat.com.au/press-releases/opec-systems-urges-caution-on-marinas