OPEC Systems: Defence Innovator of the Year!

It’s official: OPEC Systems was recognised as the Defence Innovator of the Year at the Australian Defence Industry Awards held in Canberra on 26 September.

In a room filled with luminaries from the defence industry, we were recognised for our pioneering development of PFAS remediation technologies, and our innovation in CBRN protective garment design and construction.

Given the calibre of entries, the entire OPEC team is feeling equally humble and proud, and excited by the platform that this provides to showcase our capabilities. We recognise that awards of this nature are the basis for important conversations and serve to highlight the invaluable contribution that SME’s like ours bring to the defence realm.

For several years, we have been refining our invention of a mechanical extraction system which uses foam fractionation to remove PFAS contaminants from groundwater. The technology, known as Surface Active Foam Fractionation is now operating at Army Aviation Centre Oakey to successfully treat up to 250,000 litres a day of PFAS contaminated groundwater.

OPEC’s innovative CBRN protective garments are designed for the modern soldier and first responder, and achieve an optimal balance between thermal burden, wearer comfort and CBRN protection.