OPEC College: Need to upskill? Consider a short course

The number and diversity of courses available at OPEC College just got more extensive, with a range of short courses now on offer to help people achieve career success. 

The 21 short courses fall within the broad categories of Business, Human Resources, Marketing, Security, Innovation, Government, and Education, with many purpose-designed to form part of a larger qualification if desired. 

Short courses can be completed in four to sixteen weeks duration, and offer professional skill development coupled with flexible learning.  

OPEC College GM, Dave Kirkby, said that the Short Courses were developed in response to consumer feedback and appeal to three student categories. 

“Short Courses are useful for recently promoted people who need to show added competence. Courses such as such as ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ and ‘Introduction to Team Management’ really suit this cohort.” 

“Then there are people who wish to complete a larger qualification in bite sized chunks. For example, they may undertake short course business units and then credit them towards a Diploma of Business.” 

“Then there are people who have not studied for a long time and wish to test the water and regain study confidence.”