OPEC CBRNe anti-viral PPE coverall offers comprehensive covid-19 protection

Specialist UK based CBRNe garment manufacturer, OPEC CBRNe, has today released a new antiviral PPE coverall, which is targeted for COVID-19 protection.

The all-in-one garment, known as the Viper-Type 4, is a reusable coverall offering protection against contaminated liquids, aerosol particulates, blood and blood borne pathogens, and viruses such as COVID-19.

This highly protective lightweight garment supplies full body protection, while retaining comfort and breathability for wearers.

“The Viper-Type 4 has been designed for people working in high viral risk environments, such as healthcare, police, security and military personnel, providing maximum full-day protection to front line workers at risk of exposure from COVID-19,” said OPEC CBRNe General Manager, Chris Jackson.

“Our goal in creating this innovative product is to give people in high-risk environments the reassurance of safety,” he said. “At the same time, people can wear the garment with confidence, knowing that it is light, comfortable and highly durable.”

The coverall is purpose-designed to be launderable for a confirmed 30 washes to reduce environmental impact in comparison to disposable systems.

“As a consequence of the pandemic, there are currently thousands of tonnes of single use plastic PPE languishing in landfill globally, which will impact the environment for centuries to come. Creation of a launderable PPE product provides users with an environmentally responsive alternative.”

“The unwelcome arrival of COVID-19 means we are collectively living in an era of innovation to reduce the pandemic’s global impact. The development of the Viper-Type 4 is our contribution to this space, enabling front line personnel to safely perform their duties.”

“With the approval of the CE mark and UK equivalent CA (Conformity Assessed) mark expected in April 2021, we are gearing up for distribution on a global basis.”

Unlike single use PPE, the low cost Viper-Type 4 offers all important breathability, which means the garment can absorb and release moisture, preventing overheating and excessive sweating.  

As a supplier of suits for military and first responders that provide chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protection, including the Kestrel CBRN garment for the Australian Defence Force, OPEC CBRNe is well qualified to diversify into the antiviral garment market.

The Viper-Type 4 is compatible with a range of accessories and can be used either as a standalone garment or overgarment. It is accredited as a ‘Type 4’ under ISO EN14126:2003 and ISO16604 performance requirements, and ASTM F1671 bacteriophage challenge benchmarks.

Media enquiries: Chris Jackson – General Manager OPEC CBRNe – 0011 44 7833 401 654

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