Oil Spill Response Course – Maritime Safety Queensland


Maritime Safety Queensland called upon OPEC Systems to deliver the Basic Operators Oil Spill Response Course. The course was recently delivered in Cairns. It equips Queensland Port Authorities and its agencies with the tools and skills necessary for an emergency first strike response. Our training ensures the preparedness of Maritime Safety Queensland employees in the event of oil spills.

Course Components

OPEC Systems provided Maritime Safety Queensland staff with a comprehensive three-day Basic Operator’s course. Course content was determined by the current competency of workers and likely scenarios they will encounter. OPEC Systems instructors covered theoretical and practical elements of training, including:

– Containment

– Recovery

– Storage

– Decontamination

– Incident Management principals

– Equipment operations and maintenance

OPEC Effectiveness

OPEC instructors have unparalleled industry knowledge, supplier information and incident management experience. The training we provide is outcomes-based, rigorous and enabling. Our instructors pride themselves on delivering courses specific to the abilities and responsibilities of their class. We are globally acknowledged as the best at what we do.

OPEC Systems offers extensive services in regards to Marine Safety and Response preparedness. Our team has the experience, resources and ability to effectively equip any company with the skills to respond to marine emergencies.