Enviro: New Manufacturing Plant for SAFF Technology

To help meet increased international demand for its PFAS remediation technology, OPEC Systems is creating a SAFF Manufacturing Pilot Plant at Emu Plains, Sydney. 

The plant, which is being built to operate along lean manufacturing principles, will manufacture 50 SAFF units per year. 

“We are in the process of transforming a 1596m2 space into a lean and highly efficient manufacturing operation where one SAFF unit will be completed every five days,” said OPEC’s Manufacturing Manager Enviro, Joerg Ziegler. 

“A big focus for our plant in coming months is recruitment, and we expect to be employing an additional 30 people across multiple shifts.” 

“We are looking for trained fitters and turners, people with experience in fluid transfer, as well as people with a mechatronics background for our PLC programming needs. We are also keen to work more closely with the disability sector.”  

The plant will run on a ‘just in time’ basis, with a well-designed workflow to maximise efficiency, and within an environment where safety is prioritised.  

“The plant is in its build up phase and will run up to three shifts to meet demand. And the flow of work plans that we put in place here will then serve as a blueprint for any additional facilities both here and overseas,” he said. 

Lean manufacturing involves a critical examination of the overall use of resources in the supply chain. The team will identify ways to avoid bottlenecks and reduce waste, whilst improving cost efficiency and competitiveness. 

Apprenticeships will also be on offer in the coming months, with OPEC keen to recruit people with a mechanical mindset. 

OPEC Systems trades in the USA as EPOC Enviro.