National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre

In 2010, OPEC Systems was invited to attend a National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre (NCCTRC) training exercise at which point we supplied a four shelter Blu-Med deployable field hospital infrastructure, including power, lighting and environmental control units. This system was left in Darwin under a leasing arrangement with the NCCTRC until budget approval was granted the following year to purchase the capability.

The function of the NCCTRC is to ensure enhanced surge capacity for Royal Darwin Hospital to provide a rapid response in the event of a mass casualty incident in the region. To achieve this objective the NCCTRC has provided significant financial support to Royal Darwin Hospital to enhance the capability of the hospital’s surgical and trauma divisions.

Mobilis Medical supplied the NCCTRC with an additional two shelters and ECUs to supplement their existing four shelter field hospital capability, a negative pressure isolation system and a portable mortuary for up to 24 cadavers.

OPEC Systems provided comprehensive training to over 50 personnel over a week in 2011. The training involved the safe deployment of the 32 foot and 40 foot shelters for each training group. The participants included not only logistical staff but medical staff as well.

“Without the OPEC/Blu-Med demonstration that you afforded us, the Centre would not have been able to provide such a rich display of essential equipment to be considered for deployment” – Dr. Ian Norton, Director NCCTRC.