Mobilis Medical Article in Australian Defence Magazine

OPEC’s Connor Walsh and Device Technologies’ Peter Dyason were recently approached by journalist Phillip Smart to be interviewed for an article on Mobilis Medical to appear in the Australian Defence Magazine (ADM). The ADM journalist had researched Mobilis Medical and thought we had an interesting story to tell. The article appeared in the Land Forces 2016 September Edition which was released to coincide with the start of the Land Forces 2016 Conference, held every two years and the major Defence trade show and symposium in this region attracting local and international visitors.

The article began, “SITED in Sydney’s northern suburbs, Mo­bilis provides the critical medical infra­structure needed to care for victims of any disaster, natural  or manmade.  Through  a system of interconnecting quick-assembly modular shelters, any clear piece of ground with access for the  average utility vehicle can become a field hospital within hours. It can expand to replicate a permanent city hospital if need be, complete with vital medical equipment and supplies, power, en­vironment and waste control and even isola­tion systems to contain infectious diseases. Emergency medical staff can just walk in and start work.”

Please see the rest of the article attached Mobilis_Medical_Article_ADM_Sept_2016.pdf

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