DSTO – Fisherman’s Bend Defence Temporary Aviation Fuel Facility

Date commenced: November 2015 – July 2017

Location: Port Melbourne, Victoria

Client: Department of Defence

Overview of project:

Design and construction of temporary aviation fuel facility to service a jet engine testing building.

Details of work involved:

OPEC was engaged by the Department of Defence to complete the design and construction, testing, commissioning, training and handover of a temporary aviation fuel facility to service a jet engine testing facility.

OPEC’s scoping task involved the safe design of simulated high-pressure aircraft fuel delivery systems including the integration of complex instrumentation and control systems. In addition, OPEC also provided the design of associated aviation fuel storage systems complete with complex hazardous area approved active ventilation systems to manage the identified risks and hazards working around aviation fuel.

Under stringent time and quality constraints, OPEC’s Energy Division rose to the challenge and delivered an incredible piece of engineering that belies its ‘temporary’ tag line.

OPEC Systems engineering department was proud to be able to showcase a depth of engineering know-how in line with strict Defence guidelines, which certainly exceeded the requirements of Australian Standards. The delivery of projects of this quality offer high profile clients immense value by providing certainty that OPEC can deliver reliable, high quality equipment, safely and on time.