Defence: OPEC Systems granted membership of Defence Industry Security Program (DISP)

OPEC Systems was for the first time granted membership of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) by the Australian Department of Defence in March 2021.

What does membership of the DISP mean for businesses like OPEC?
* It supports delivery of appropriate ‘defence-ready’ security services when delivering Defence contracts and tenders
* It provides access to Defence security advice and support, including access to security training and materials, and cyber training
* It enables better understanding and management of security risks, trends and threats within our business
* The level of clearance enables business to sponsor their own security clearances
* It provides potential for greater access to international contracts via pre-approved security clearances

Inclusion within the program also signals that selected businesses are trusted by Defence to provide appropriate security clearance and cements their position of competence within the Defence security space.

Membership of the DISP is granted via a rigorous application process and is available to any Australian business that is looking to become part of the Defence industry supply chain.