Coonawarra Wharf Fuel System Services and Remediation

Location: HMAS Coonawarra, NT

Division: Energy

End user: Department of Defence

Client: Department of Defence

Project manager: Addam Wells

Contract value: Final Scope  ≈ $10,000,000

Year completed: 2017


Services upgrade and structural remediation of the Attack Wharf and Fremantle Wharf

OPEC scope:

OPEC was engaged to undertake the following works in this project:

Structural remediation of wharf fender piles and structural elements above and sub sea level. Design, construction, installation and commissioning of a platform and replacement fuel and services pipe system underslung for the entire length of the Attack Wharf

Remediation and replacement work required for AS1940 compliance including the installation of actuated valves to existing tanks

Supply, installation and commissioning of replacement underground and above ground fuel and services pipework, including pits for transition from underground to aboveground Design, installation and commissioning of Fuel Management System with HMI/Control Panels across 16 locations site wide Design selection, installation and commissioning of the quarantine fuel filtration and management system.


Dealing with stakeholders (Navy, DSRG, estate maintenance services, PMCA representatives) with Fuel Services Branch (FSB) entering mid-contract as an independent authority with additional requirements and without any commercial relationship. 10% design proposal by PMCA at time of tender was not feasible, OPEC redesigned for constructability with minimal disruption to operations and to maintain integrity.

Conduct below water pier and fender remediation in crocodile waters.

Building scaffold, installing support structure and constructing 120m platform and pipe system below wharf and above water with 8m tides.


Designed and constructed 120m long SS/FRP underslung walkway suspended below existing wharf with elevated pipe rack system to allow access, construction, inspection and through life maintenance of new fuel system and services (potable water, salt water, sewer, bilge, compressed air). Conducted full length 3D survey of wharf and existing structure to allow complete design review and clash detection during design process to minimise construction issues and maintain schedule.

Design with struction in mind to minimise disruption to operations. Wharf continued with full operational status during all construction with minimal down time for cutovers during commissioning.Provided a site wide fuel management system based on a star network topology with 15 kiosks around site. All kiosks had security access and allowed full functionality from any kiosk, resulting in complete redundancy.