Come and Visit Us at Pacific 2015

OPEC will be proudly showcasing Bruker’s Maritime NC-Detection Systems at the Pacific International Maritime Exposition.

With over 25 years of experience, BRUKER has developed a unique capability of maritime detection systems. Designed, configured and tested to be used in the extreme and harsh maritime environment, these systems focus on the detection of nuclear (radiological) and chemical material surrounding the vessel. The integrated BRUKER IT-module manages all sensor-data and interfaces it with the ship management system. The BRUKER maritime NC-detection system is a highly customised configuration, which can be set-up for entire ship classes including Frigates, Corvettes and Submarines. For ships assigned to environmental protection tasks, a configuration can be made available which provides an enhanced analytical performance beyond a CBRN threat detection capability.

Held at the Sydney Exhibition Centre @ Glebe Island from 6 to 8 October 2015, PACIFIC 2015 is organised by The Royal Institution of Naval Architects, The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology and Engineers Australia will showcase the latest developments in marine engineering and maritime technology; both in the areas of defence and commercial shipping.

The conference will coincide with the Royal Australian Navy Sea Power Conference, Navy Week celebrations in Sydney and the PACIFIC 2015  International Maritime Exposition which is organised by Maritime Australia Limited.