Bulk Liquid Berth Labour Services Contract

Project Details

Project NameBLB Labour Services Contract
Project LocationCharlotte Road, Port Botany, NSW
End userNSW Ports
ClientNSW Ports
OPEC project managerAdrian Hawes
Year completed2014 – present

Project Description

NSW Ports is the landowner and operator of a common user berth in Port Botany which facilitates the loading and unloading of hazardous products for the NSW. The facility has two commercial shipping berths which have infrastructure that allows the transfer of cargo ranging from refined products such as Unleaded Petrol through to Liquefied Natural Gas. OPEC Systems has been engaged by NSW to provide 24/7 labour who specialise in firefighting, berth management and access control (security).

OPEC Scope

The OPEC Marine Division executes this project through the client’s facility located at Port Botany NSW. The facility is a major hazard commercial berth which is responsible for the transfer of hazardous products importing and exporting for the state of NSW. OPEC Systems holds accreditation of a Master Security Licence for NSW which allows staff to be engaged in access and control security functions.

The berths operate 24/7 and the 19 staff are responsible for the following tasks:

• Access control

• Oversee berthing functions of both berths

• Oversee the cargo operations

• Issue and manage permits throughout the facility

• Facility management

Challenges / Solutions

OPEC was the first private company to implement this service at the 30-year-old facility. It was previously run by a government entity. OPEC had to create and implement a full suite of training and competencies for the client. This was completed on time and on budget.


Successful sourcing of labour from a start-up capability through to project implementations date. Carried out the successful training of 21 staff within 3 months.

• Accreditation of NSW Master Security Licence (NSW Police)

• Provide uninterrupted labour services for firefighting and security since July 2014.

• Facilitate berth operations without any major incident since July 2014. • Successfully negotiated an EBA with workforce OPEC Systems has provided uninterrupted labour services for firefighting and security since July 2014. We have facilitated the berth operations with no major incidents.