Australian Maritime Safety Authority Storage and Maintenance

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is the Federal agency responsible for responding to maritime oil spill events within Australia. OPEC Systems has the contract to provide AMSA with suitably equipped facilities at strategic locations and to have qualified staff undertake maintenance on the oil spill equipment to ensure it is operationally ready at all times.

The OPEC Marine Division executes this project through four strategic locations within Australia. Project managing the services out of the Brisbane Office, the Marine Division operates facilities in Kurnell (NSW), Dampier (WA), Brisbane and Townsville (QLD). The work entails the coordination of a maintenance program across the four locations, with teams being injected into the facilities to undertake a combination of scheduled and reactive maintenance on a quarterly basis.

The work involves the servicing of small plant and machinery, as well as providing technicians to maintain the highly specialised oil recovery systems, ranging from self-propelled skimming vessels, to large offshore containment booms and sweep systems.