Announcing the Roadrunner for Explosives Threat Mitigation

Explosives Trace Detection: RoadRunner

OPEC Systems is delighted to announce Bruker’s new Explosives Trace Detector.

The Bruker RoadRunner is a battery-powered, hand-held, trace explosives detector that is both lightweight and portable. It has no radioactive source so it is easy to store and transport.  

To maximise user convenience the system operates from rechargeable batteries and to further extend its duration in the field, these batteries are ‘hot-swappable’.

The RoadRunner operates in two modes. A “sniffer” mode draws in vapours from volatile explosives and taggants and provides results in just a few seconds. To detect the presence of non-volatile explosive compounds, or to check personal property, the product integrates the same industry-standard swab-sampling system that is used in the Bruker DE-tector desktop trace explosives detector. In addition to the dual-role explosives detection capability, RoadRunner also incorporates narcotics detection as standard. Typical applications of RoadRunner include environments such as airport security, building access control, customs facilities and prisons/remand centres.

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